Dryer purchase details
Nov 02, 2018

Suitable power

The clothes dryer is a cleaning type household appliance that uses electric heating to instantly evaporate and dry the moisture in the washed clothes, and is also an electric appliance that consumes a relatively large amount of electricity. Choose the appropriate capacity based on the size of the family and the size of the laundry. Dryer capacity is too large, wasting energy; dryer capacity is too small, and it takes time. Generally, the capacity of the dryer ranges from 2 kg to 8 kg, and the power is also from 500 watts to 1000 watts. The average family chooses about 5 kg, and the power is not too high.

Roller material

When purchasing a tumble dryer, pay attention to the material of the roller. Stainless steel roller, beautiful and durable, will not rust, no damage to clothing; galvanized sheet or other material drum, although the price is lower, but it will rust and shorten the service life after a long time; due to the seasonal use of the dryer, Therefore, the stainless steel drum is the best choice.

Operation method

There are two kinds of clothes dryers, such as rotary electric timing control and computer automatic control. Rotary-type electric timing control dryer is more troublesome. If the drying set time is too long, it will waste power and damage the fabric fiber; if the set time is too short, the clothes can not be dried; and the computer fully automatic control drying clothes The machine is controlled by computer, and it automatically stops after drying. It is very convenient, but the price is slightly more expensive than the former. It depends on everyone.

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