Folding machine technical features
Nov 02, 2018

The folding machine is a garment processing aid. Control the speed and positioning of the cloth transport system, measure the length of the fabric and calculate the length of the fold, and complete the horizontal folding and cross folding by the jetting and refraction of the airflow.

Common types are: non-woven folding machine, rag folding machine, cloth folding machine, wet towel folding machine, etc. Used in laundry, hotels, hotels, hospitals, textiles, railways and other industries.

Adopting the action of photoelectric switch control mechanism and then frequency conversion and speed regulation, not only high operation precision but also energy saving;

It is the equipment with the most folding layers in the country (32 layers can be folded) and the highest folding precision;

Horizontal folding is accomplished by the jet of airflow, which is accomplished by a folding knife;

With a selection function, it can send small materials that do not need to be folded after ironing to the workbench;

It can be used with a variety of models of ironing machines and ironing machines. It is the preferred choice for major hotels, hotels, hospitals, textiles, railways and other industries.

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