Hurricane dryer features
Nov 02, 2018

Hurricane dryers use PTC heating elements to generate heat, household appliances. It has the following characteristics:

1. Quick drying, the standard drying process takes only 60 minutes, which is more than half the time of the traditional dryer.

2. Static drying, drying process to avoid clothing pleating and damage.

3. Eliminate secondary pollution, separate clothing from the outside world, and invade without dust and insect bacteria.

4. Efficient sterilization: When the dryer is working normally, the internal temperature can reach up to 70 degrees, and it can kill 99.3%.

5. A multi-purpose machine, light and convenient: a heater, dryer and wardrobe in one. Small size, large capacity (up to 10KG dry clothes), easy to load and unload, easy to trade, travel.

The warm air dryer generally consists of a heating body, a bracket, a tarpaulin cover, a clothes hanger, and a towel hanging. It is light and compact, and is convenient for home use.

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