Overview of the folding machine
Nov 02, 2018

The folding machine is a finishing equipment in industrial washing machines. It was used in China in the early 1980s, mainly in five-star hotels and some large professional laundry factories, and it was almost all imported equipment at that time. Some manufacturers in China began to produce folding machines in the 1990s, mainly to copy foreign sheet folding machines. Until 2008, only manufacturers in China produced towel folding machines. By this time, there are more manufacturers of sheet folding machines. 2010 is the most prosperous year for the production and sales of folding machines in China. Large and small washing machinery manufacturers have invested in development or mass production because many laborers have felt the superiority of using folding machines in recent years due to the increase in labor costs.

Especially in some large laundry factories, there are thousands of towels and bath towels that need to be folded every day. The labor intensity is very large, and the market opportunity of towel folding machines is generated. However, the high price of imported towel folding machines makes many laundry factories prohibitive. This has given birth to the enthusiasm of some manufacturers in China to develop and produce towel folding machines. Perhaps this is the reason why the production and sales of folding machines are booming in recent years. However, the production and application of folding machines are still in their infancy in China, and there are still many gaps compared with foreign products. In terms of product performance, manufacturing process, and especially reliability technology, it is necessary to learn from foreign technology, and it is still necessary to continuously improve and improve.

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