Round dryer features
Nov 02, 2018

The circular dryer is small in size, easy to disassemble, and easy to operate. It mainly consists of three parts: main unit, umbrella stand and cylindrical cover. The host is at the middle and lower. The main machine of the dryer uses the heat generated by the heating element to send heat into the drying hood, and the convection is accelerated through the vent hole to easily dry various clothes.

Features of the circular dryer:

1. Thickened high-density cover, airtight, odorless, can prevent secondary pollution.

2. The main engine is a heater, which can be used for heating when not in use.

3. There are timers for easy operation and can be timed at will.

4. High temperature sterilization, especially suitable for families with baby.

5. Umbrella top cool hangers, hanging clothes are more stable.

6. Diversified colors, easy to operate, and easy to disassemble.

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