Several major failures of the dryer
Nov 02, 2018

Fault 1: Damage to the dryer parts

Drying part: 1. The heating tube is damaged; 2. The drying single (double) temperature relay is damaged.

Blasting part: 1. The connecting tube of the wind chamber heating chamber is damaged; 2. The blower motor (blade) is damaged.

Condensing part: The connecting pipe is damaged. The treatment is to replace the parts.

Fault 2: Turn on the power, the power indicator does not light, and the whole machine does not work.

First check the mains voltage and the power plug is normal. If the FR is blown, find out the cause of the fuse. After troubleshooting, replace it with a 250V, 10A, 130°C over-temperature fuse to eliminate the fault.

Fault 3: The drying time is more than 3 hours, and the clothes are not dried.

Check whether the dried clothes are too thick or not dehydrated, and secondly, whether the cloth zipper is open or leaking. After checking the above points, most of the PTC1 and PTC2 heaters are burnt out, and the resistance method is used to determine if the resistance is infinite. Bad, replaced with a new PTC, the fault is eliminated.

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