Type difference of dry cleaning machine
Nov 02, 2018

Differences in performance of tetrachloroethylene water-cooled dry cleaning machines and refrigeration dry cleaning machines: Water-cooled dry cleaning machines are also known as open-type dry cleaning machines. After washing and de-liquidizing the clothes, the drying and recovery of the residual solvent on the clothes is cooled and recovered by a water-cooled cooler. Due to the higher temperature of the cooling water, the recovery effect is relatively poor. After the drying is completed, in order to reduce the leakage of tetrachloroethylene during the taking of the clothes, the dry cleaning machine has an exhausting and venting device, and the solvent gas remaining in the machine can be discharged to the outside of the machine, so the consumption of the solvent is relatively large. At the same time, it also caused certain pollution to the environment.

1. The petroleum dry cleaning machine washes clothes more comprehensively than the tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine. All the fabrics except the down jacket can be washed.

2, the price of petroleum dry cleaning machine is cheaper than the price of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine.

3. The washing degree of the petroleum washing machine is not as high as that of tetrachloroethylene. The tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine can only do simple pretreatment before dry cleaning. The oil dry cleaning machine needs to do a laborious pretreatment, otherwise the oil on the clothes is definitely not clean.

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