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Common Faults In Large Washing Machines
Nov 02, 2018

1. There is no water in the washing machine of the large washing machine, but the computer board shows that there is water in the water level. At this time, the water will not enter the washing machine. It is necessary to see if there is any residue in the water level gauge tube. If there is any, the water pipe will be unplugged first. Remove the water, if it still does not eliminate the fault, then look at the water level sensor is damaged, if it is damaged, then change the water level sensor.

2. The water has been placed in the large washing machine but it cannot be heated. The indicator light is not bright. The water temperature setting temperature should be checked. The water has reached the set temperature. The temperature can be set to a high point so that the water can be heated.

3, large washing machine computer board has a signal, but a certain execution command does not respond, the first may be the computer output interface plug-in loose, at this time the plug-in is connected, if there is no response, then check the output fuse on the computer board is burned, if If it burns out, the fuse can be replaced.

4. The large washing machine is very noisy and vibrating during washing. First of all, consider whether the industrial washing machine is placed smoothly. When installing the industrial washing machine, the washing machine should be placed on the level ground, and then see if the cloth is evenly placed in the washing machine. Or whether the non-grass items are entrained in the washing cloth.

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