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Equipment Maintenance For Large Washing Machines
Nov 02, 2018

1. It is necessary to wash the soap tank frequently with hot water to ensure that there is no residue in the soap tank.

Phenomenon: The soap liquid enters the outer cylinder is not smooth, and the outer cylinder corrosion is intensified.

Cause: The accumulation of soap residue is corrosive.

Solution: Rinse the soap tank with hot water to ensure that no residue remains in the soap tank.

Correct operation: After each day of washing, rinse the soap tank with hot water.

2, manual fuel pump fueling should be standardized operation

Phenomenon: The bearing has a short service life.

Cause: Oil may not be added properly and the pump is used.

Solution: Grease is made of 0# lithium base grease or mixed with 3# lithium base grease and engine oil (depending on the equipment). The fuel pump must press the handle to the end every time you refuel.

Correct operation: According to the product instruction manual, the correct use of grease and the specification of the use of the fuel pump.

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