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Equipment Structure Of Industrial Washing Machine
Nov 02, 2018

1. This machine is a horizontal drum type. The inner and outer cylinders are made of high quality stainless steel plate, which is smooth, corrosion-resistant and does not damage the fabric.

2. The machine is safe and reliable. The inner cylinder door cover is equipped with a safety locking structure. The outer cylinder door cover can be set according to the user's requirements. The electrical interlocking safety device can be set: if the door is not closed, the machine cannot be started. When it is turned on, the machine will stop running immediately.

3. The transmission system of the machine is transmitted from the motor to the roller spindle through the secondary triangular tape. Smooth operation, no noise, and durability.

4. This machine is equipped with timing control. According to the washing process requirements, adjust the time and stop automatically when it arrives.

5. The washing and dyeing dual-purpose machine series is equipped with a water level gauge and an automatic temperature control system. The user can automatically raise the temperature and control the temperature by installing the intake solenoid valve at the end of the intake pipe and the insulated pipe.

6. Washing and dyeing dual-use machine series According to the user's requirements, the speed-regulating motor or the frequency converter can be used to automatically adjust the drum speed according to the washing process requirements.

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