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Industrial Washing Machine Advantages
Nov 02, 2018

The industrial washing machine is the most common, simplest and most easy to maintain washing equipment. It has compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reasonable design, stable operation and long service life. Its main components, inner liner and outer casing are made of high quality stainless steel. It has the advantages of high washing efficiency, small floor space, beautiful appearance, excellent performance and durability.

1. Advantages of industrial washing machines to remove oil stains

The main advantage of the industrial washing machine technology is the removal of oily dirt; various types of oils and fats contained in various daily necessities (cosmetics, lubricating oils, stationery, etc.), which are well removed in industrial washing machines.

2, the advantages of industrial washing machine protection clothing

Since the large environment of the industrial washing machine clothes is the solvent of the industrial washing machine, the moisture in the industrial washing machine is very limited.

3. Advantages of protecting the color of clothing: While the environment of industrial washing machines has very little water, the possibility of clothing color loss during industrial washing machines is also greatly reduced. Therefore, the industrial washing machine has a certain protective effect on the color of the clothes.

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