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Industrial Washing Machine Day Maintenance
Nov 02, 2018

Every daily maintenance:

The button collector should be cleaned every time the laundry cycle is completed, which can reduce the load on the pump, prevent the pump from clogging, and prolong the life of the pump.

The ciliary collector should be cleaned every three wash cycles, which can increase the flow of wind during drying and shorten the drying time. At the same time, the amount of cilia attached to the recovery condenser can be reduced, and the corrosion of the recovery condenser can be reduced.

Check the pneumatic three components every day to drain the water. When the oil level is insufficient, add the lubricating oil. The water is discharged to prevent moisture from entering the electromagnetic valve and the air valve, causing them to be damaged prematurely.

Every day, according to the requirements of the machine, add lubrication to each fueling point. Only in this way can each bearing be fully lubricated and extend the bearing life.

Check the working pressure of the filter in the industrial washing machine at any time. When the pressure reaches or exceeds 1.5-2 kg/cm2, the filter should be cleaned. The filter pressure can be lowered to reduce the pump outlet pressure and prolong the life of the pump.

Clean the distillation tank every 6-8 times. Regularly clean the distillation tank to increase the distillation speed, reduce the corrosion of the sludge on the bottom plate, and extend the life of the distillation tank.

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