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Industrial Washing Machine Motor System
Nov 02, 2018

The industrial washing machine casing refers to a casing that supports the bearing casing, the inner drum and all the driving components, and a storage soap tank. The name and configuration of the loading door and hydraulic door opening system. The inner drum portion is made of high quality stainless steel, including a support shaft, and a rotating shaft (spindle) connected to the cantilever structure and supported by two sets of bearings.

1. Drive system components-----Invt frequency conversion technology is used to completely optimize the driving efficiency of industrial washing machines. The multiple speeds during the duty cycle are realized by variable frequency motors. When the inverter signal changes, the motor has no effect when it is running. There is no transition when changing the direction. Adjusting the motor speed during the washing process is in line with the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. Compared with the old model, the power saving is 40%-50%.

2. Suspension system ---- Suspension system consists of several sets of combined springs and shock absorbers. After high-strength testing, it can keep the fuselage stable during use, especially in the towing stage, vibration and high-speed dehydration. Power can be evenly distributed throughout the industrial washing machine, reducing noise and impact on the underlying infrastructure.

3, brake system ------ select the high-quality brake resistor and brake unit to perform the brake action. The brake resistor will be in an idle braking state before the industrial washing machine stops, directly raising the voltage UD to a dangerous level. The design uses a braking resistor to consume that portion of the excess energy, keeping the UD within an allowable range. The brake unit is composed of a GTR, and the drive circuit provides a circuit for the discharge current IB.

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