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Method And Process For Large Washing Machine
Nov 02, 2018

1. First connect the power supply, open the outer cylinder door and the inner cylinder door of the industrial washing machine, and put the cloth into the inner cylinder evenly. (Note: When placing the cloth, it must be placed evenly, and the large cloth should be placed. Wash it with small pieces of cloth to avoid causing great vibration in the imbalance of the washing machine. The cloth should be placed in a proper amount, not too much or too little. Lock the inner tube door and close the outer tube door.

2. Open the inlet valve to enter the water. When the water reaches the required water level, open the intake valve, let the water level reach the set temperature, and then close the intake valve. (Note: The temperature of the water must be controlled when washing the cloth. The water temperature of the washing cotton fabric should be controlled at 60 to 70 degrees, and the fabrics such as rayon and silk should be controlled at 30 to 40 degrees.)

3. Put an appropriate amount of washing liquid, twist the washing switch to the jog position, and jog the machine to let the machine run properly.

4. After proper operation, turn the switch to the automatic position. The industrial washing machine will automatically run in the forward and reverse directions and cycle.

5. Wash the large washing machine, open the drain valve, and discharge the sewage.

6. After the sewage is discharged, continue to put in clear water and rinse it. Generally, it takes 2-3 times to rinse.

7. After rinsing clean, drain the water and stop. If the inner and outer cylinder doors of the industrial washing machine do not correspond at this time, you can also align the door.

8. At this time, turn the switch to "stop", open the outer cylinder door and the inner cylinder door, take out the clothes and put them into the dehydrator for dehydration.

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