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Structural Features Of Large Washing Machines
Nov 02, 2018

1. Structural features of semi-automatic large washing machine:

The semi-automatic industrial washing machine adopts the bedroom roller type. The inner and outer cylinders of the industrial washing machine are made of high-quality stainless steel plates. It is flat and bright, corrosion-resistant, and has little wear and damage to the fabric, and the machine has a long service life. The inner door cover of the industrial washing machine is equipped with a stainless steel safety locking mechanism, and the outer cylinder door cover is provided with an electrical interlocking device, and the operation is safe and reliable. The industrial washing machine is driven by a triangular tape, which has low vibration, stable operation and durability.

2. Structural features of fully automatic large washing machine:

Fully automatic large-scale washing machine adopts full computer LCD man-machine dialogue operation interface, Chinese display large screen, there are 30 different washing programs to choose from, can meet any washing requirements, and fully realize the automation of washing, floating and elimination processes. The fully automatic large washing machine adopts all stainless steel design, which is beautiful and durable. The radial dimension of the liner is large, which increases the running deviation of the laundry.

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