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  • Industrial Washing Machine

    Industrial washing machine Our open pocket soft mount industrial washing machine provides high quality processing results on a wide range of materials, in demanding conditions. The industrial laundry machines are designed to meet the demands of · Hospitals · Prisons ·...
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  • Hospital Laundry Machines

    Hospital laundry machines The BW series hospital laundry machines using a division plate make the inner drum two parts, “clean zone” and “non-clean zone”. Cross-infection is completely eliminated. Our barrier washer can meet the requirements of bacterial free, dust free, anti...
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  • Commercial Washing Machine

    Commercial Washing Machine 1, This kind of hard mount commercial washing machine has stainless steel inner and outer barrel, door ring and water pipes. 2, Genuine NSK water-sealed bearing. Three sets of Taiwan's authentic water seal, there is no need to replace them in...
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  • Industrial Dryer Machine

    Industrial dryer machine All vital parts of our stainless steel industrial dryer machine have easy access from the front and rear for simple servicing. The drum suspension is Sturdy and has double sealed bearings and belt drive. In the front of the drum, two supporting...
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  • Industrial Ironing Machine

    Industrial Ironing machine The YZ series industrial ironing machine is ideal for medium to large size laundries including resort hospitality, health care and commercial laundries. This line of flatwork ironers produces high quality linen finishes easily and efficiently. It...
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  • Ironing and Folding Machine

    Ironing and folding machine 1. With a big screen and intelligent control system, this industrial folding machine has the interactive function. 2. Five times of folding can be finished under the monitor of computer controller; Times of horisontal folding and vertical folding...
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  • Semi Industrial Washing Machine

    Semi Industrial Washing machine Our XGB series semi industrial washing machine is consist of inner drum , outer drum , motor , support legs ,driving parts ,and electricity parts , which has reasonable instruction and is easy to install. The drum of this heavy duty industrial...
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  • Laundry Extractor Machine

    Laundry Extractor machine TG series laundry extractor machines are suitable for hotel, restaurant, hospital, large & middle size enterprise to extract water for the garments made of cotton, wool, chemical fibre. The industrial hydro extrator machines are also suitable for...
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  • 50kg Washing Machine

    50kg washing machine Our 50kg industrial washing machine has professional computer control system. You may choose normal progrommable controller or touch screen which contains 40 programmable procedures and 5 standard programs. Our 50kg industrial laundry machine has 2 drain...
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  • Industrial Washer Extractor

    Industrial washer extractor Our XGQ series industrial washer extractor is widedly used in hotel, restaurant, hospital, railway, garment factory, industry-mining enterprise and individual washing and dyeing field. It’s used for washing cotton, wool, woolen, chemical fiber and...
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  • Industrial Laundry Equipment

    Industrial laundry equipment 1. Safety and reliability and perfect anti-shock due to the computer control. 2. Suspension structure is adopted in the design of damping system, it ensures the industrial washing machine to get a perfect running even on higher floors. 3. The...
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  • Laundry Washing Machine

    Laundry washing machine 1. Touch and big screen with multi-language adopted, the whole course of pre-washing, sterilizing, rinsing, bleaching and extracting can be finished automatically by this industrial washing machine. 2. Equipped with inverter, the industrial washer...
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